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Prosperity Candle
Prosperity Candle


Prosperity Candle


PROSPERITY is designed and prepared to help widen the channels of receiving abundance. This image and its matched oils will help you flourish in the areas you seek, whether itÕs love, business, or any aspect that needs Ômore.Õ The chrome finish is chosen to draw in prosperity and reflect it back to you. ItÕs set in tones of citrus and basil to stimulate consciousness for attracting positivity, while Oakmoss, who is ruled by Taurus, attracts abundance within the home and in financial matters. Light notes of patchouli assist in grounding, so you are fully able to receive, hold, and integrate the blessings.

Light this candle for increasing your awareness to receive abundance.

"The " PROSPERITY' candle lifted the veil to show what amazing possibilities lie in store."