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About Us

About Us

Matter & Home channels the power of the healing arts into handcrafted aesthetic objects with thoughtful design. After seeing a need for intentional healing objects that would also enhance the beauty of our homes or personal environments, we created a unique line of home accessories that incorporates intentional design and ritual concepts, with gem and herbal medicine to support inner growth and awareness.

All our products are thought through with purpose and care. Everything is locally sourced, and pure from things the body doesn’t love. Our herbs are grown, harvested and dried locally, with reverence and respect for plants and their spirit. We only work with local artisans or select people who have developed a unique craft. Additionally, we aim to use minimal recycled packaging materials for our products.

Matter & Home candles are based on themes that are opening, awakening and inspiring. We base all principles on the energetic resonance of oils, medicines and herbs. We believe each herb or oil has energetic properties that help shift the environment while burning, creating a perfect environment to relax, uplift, or meditate. Our candles are hand-poured soya with paper and cotton bound wicks, infused with essential oils, gem elixirs, and herbal oils, and encased within recycled glass, engraved and blessed. Each candle has a theme and an image to go with it, revealing what is inside the glass, which also reflects its energetic properties. All candles are set and poured with intentions and blessings, fundamental to the energy emanating from the light.



Holly Star, Founder

Holly is based in New York and works internationally as an Advisor and Intuitive. She also works in spaces and settings to harmonize their natural life force. With her background in herbal medicine, as a certified herbalist she has knowledge of flower and gem essences, and energetic plant healing. Holly is dedicated to creating a product line that assists people in keeping alignment with their soul’s journey.

Holly is a born intuitve, with a passion for evolution and curiosity for life. She is here to elevate personal, professional and environmental standards of living to allow for spirit to manifest into physical reality.