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Awaken Candle
Awaken Candle


Awaken Candle


This candle is to hold you during times of inner searching and self learning, rising from darkness and introspection to light and clarity. Holly is added to bring light to darkness, and to bring the heart into focus by looking inside the self. Lemon to uplift to brighter dimensions. Spruce for reliance and the moons energy of reflection. Ylang Ylang for awakening the parts that have been asleep especially the heart. Juniper Berries for new beginnings, and Azurite gemstone for uniting unconscious to conscious and the stone acts as a beacon of light. Use this candle for support on inner journey or meditations or clarity on specific issues.

Light this candle and ask for perfect awakening and support of what wants to unfold at this time.

This candle is also available with a 10 week meditation series at: