New Beginnings Candle


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This candle is a luxurious five wick candle that supports new beginnings and new undertakings. Its also great for when one has a new chapter in their life. Filled with prayer and Ganesha’s signature we add rose for softening and opening the heart, pine to lift spirits, Adverturine, birch, and a hint of nutmeg oil.

Our candles are vessels of energy and possibility. Crafting them is a process that starts with an intention, and ends with a prayer. Hand dipped in pure soy wax, each candle is a custom blend of herbs, gemstones, and essential oils that evoke the mantra and image engraved in its glass home. With each strike of a match, a journey either begins or continues, with the flame activating the image as your guide and the scents a reminder of your journey’s purpose.

16 “x 4″ x 4”

*Special edition candle