Inspiration Candle


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INSPIRATION will support and encourage your freedom to accept your true nature, and allow it to shine. It’s ultra violet home repels lower frequencies while the Welsh image carries it’s name’s vibration, strengthened by herbal votives that create a ritual for positive self-growth. Sage and bay leaf cleanse and inspire divine wisdom, and Frankincense transforms and uplifts consciousness. Set an intention and use the votives to build a practice of devotion to your self. Light one daily until it burns out, hold your intention strong, and weave a web of healing.

Use these votives & vessel in times of great transformation, for new beginnings, and to inspire divine inspired moments. This candle is used only with votives, it is not a poured candle.

Our candles are vessels of energy and possibility. Crafting them is a process that starts with an intention, and ends with a prayer. Hand dipped in pure soy wax, each candle is a custom blend of herbs, gemstones, and essential oils that evoke the mantra and image engraved in its glass home. With each strike of a match, a journey either begins or continues, with the flame activating the image as your guide and the scents a reminder of your journey’s purpose.

3″ x 5″, includes 14 votives. Additional votives available too!

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