Herbal Medicinal Box


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Designed to recall the traditional medicine boxes of many ancient healers and medicine people, our healing box serves as a conduit for personal transformation, change, and awakening, in the areas of home, career, love, and spirit. Each compartment contains organically harvested herbal medicines, resins, stones, minerals, oils, and other natural matter, crushed with mortar and pestal, infused with corresponding intentions, and always blessed with prayer. Handcrafted in untreated, black walnut, the box holds your highest priorities and goals for your self and/or your home. Slide open a section of the box and harmonize with your wish as you seek guidance from a deeper source.

As you open the box, be clear with your intentions and/or meditation. Release only the medicine needed for your present focus, and let the experience and release of herbs guide you towards clarity and conscious acceptance of what follows. Your goal with the use of this box is to grow in the four areas each compartment represents. Allow the process to touch your consciousness and empower your well-being.

There are two slots found in the bottom section of the box where you may store the lids. Narrow panels on two opposite sides of the box serve as entry and exit “doors” to the slots. While the lids are being stored, they serve another meaningful purpose of supporting energy as they rest underneath the herbs of their corresponding life aspects. No design detail is accidental, as even removing the lids does not suspend their purpose and storing them does not merely cast them aside. On the contrary, their “removal” and their “storage” intentionally assist in your healing process.

The Four Compartments

HOME is an area dedicated to protecting and encouraging love, strength, and health, both personal and domestic in our homes. Pine and nettle are herbs that hold physical space within their properties, evoking a sense of shelter and protection, while uplifting the spirit. Together with complementary herbs, this compartment brings your home stable grounding and growth.

CAREER is an area that seeks your creative source and financial stability. It is also the part that allows your self-expression and the recognition that results from it. Whether it is starting a new job, directional change, growth within a company, or deciding to start a venture important to yourself, when you open this compartment, you will draw on your core creative energy. Promoting abundance, cedar is the primary agent for this intention. Warming herbs as well as herbs that hold Jupiter’s energy of expansion combine for the same end result.

LOVE is the area that captures this sentiment in the all-encompassing sense. From family, to friendship, to intimacies, as well as your relationship with the world at large, all these connections need to be linked by love. Qualities of Venus and water are infused into the herbs. Copal and jasmine help you attract or let go of love, foster peace, and support profound, loving relations.

SPIRIT is the area that helps uplift, purify, connect, and give gratitude, and ask for higher levels of help. Spirit can be to what or whom you pray, be it God, Source, Sun, or others. It is whatever helps you understand that there is more to this universe than you and me. Herbs are placed on a layer of frankincense and mug wort, which support and enhance the divine connection and communication.

The potency of each herb decreases with the time it’s been exposed (without tops). If exposed for 45+ days (generally), it is recommended you close the lid and/or replace with another M&H herbal combination.

Dimensions: 5.75″ w x 5.75″ l x 2.75″ h

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