Grounding Candle

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This anchor holds us to our center and with notes of creosote, coffee and even hints of cedar and bergamot, this is a masculine line of energy to drive us deep into the root of our consciousness and stand firmly grounded in our center.

Burn this to help with centering and grounding in all regards. After igniting say “My ground is firm and those things that move around me, or shake me are things that inspire or make me grow:.

Our candles are vessels of energy and possibility. Crafting them is a process that starts with an intention, and ends with a prayer. Hand poured in pure soy wax, each candle is a custom blend of herbs, gemstones, and essential oils that evoke the mantra and image engraved in its glass home. With each strike of a match, a journey either begins or continues, with the flame activating the image as your guide and the scents a reminder of your journey’s purpose.

These beautiful vessels can be re-used with a votive after the initial candle has been burned. All are packaged with an insert of what the candle contains, the intention of the candle, and how to use. They come in a recycled cotton bag with a gift box.

3.25″ diameter, 10 oz