Creating Sacred Objects

Matter & Home harnesses the power of the healing arts and its lifestyle into handcrafted aesthetic objects and thoughtful design. Designed by a healer, Holly Star’s background is energetic healing, and herbal medicine so this line translates it into accessories that can be used in meditation, personal growth, and to uplift and support the body, heart, mind and spirit. After seeing a need for intentional healing objects that would also enhance the beauty of our homes or personal environments. What resulted was a unique line of home accessories that incorporates intentional design, ritual concepts, and flower, gem, and herbal medicine to support inner growth and awareness.

All our products are thought through with care, everything is locally sourced, and pure from things that the body doesn’t love. Our herbs are grown, harvested, and dried locally, with reverence and respect for plants and the plant spirit. We work on the foundation not of aromatherapy but energetic medicine and herbal medicine, so each product gives agents of change. We only work with local artisans or select people who have developed a unique craft. We use minimal packaging for our products, such as cloth, linen, recycled papers and recycled packing materials. Our candles are hand poured with ritual intention, into recycled and reusable glass. Our work aspires to inspire and invoke sustainability, personal growth, lasting quality, and harmony with our environment. Each product made we ask the medicine to bless the beholder.

Let these ritual and functional objects transform not just your self but your space into agents of health and healing.

Create Matter with Purpose

In addition to Matter & Home’s signature line, we give individuals, businesses, and events the option to collaborate on custom pieces that infuse spirit, incorporate ritual, and encourage inspiration in physical furnishings that are unique to your intentions.<
>We combine your concept, perspective, and needs with complementary elements, then find the right crafts people to execute your expression into your signature design. Whether your needs are for your home, spa, hotel, wedding, or any other establishment or event, we will help you materialize your perfect personal expression.

Holly Star

Holly is based in New York and works internationally as an Advisor and Intuitive. She also works in spaces and settings to harmonize their natural life force. With her background in herbal medicine, flower and gem essences, and energetic healing, she is dedicated to creating a product line that assists people in keeping alignment with their soul’s journey. See more about her healing work at