Healing, Intention, and Transformation


M&H is a line of accessories for the home, that focus on healing, intention, and transformation. We have been in the healing arts world for over 15 years; Holly Star is an intuitive healer, space clearer, and consultant, over the past few years, she noticed that clients, and the healing community at large, were seeking ‘something’ that would serve as a way to bridge what happens in sessions (or yoga classes, etc) at home and in daily practices. What she envisioned and developed, are wares that serve as vessels for reminding us of our highest wishes, goals, and intentions, in an aesthetically beautiful package that fits beautifully in any modern space or alter.

We combine a variety of healing traditions in our pieces: powerful images, words that are reminiscent of mantras, herbal medicine that opens and shifts the vibration of the space and ones consciousness, while maintaining a modern sense of design in high quality pieces made by local artisans and responsible packaging.

In addition to our signature line, we do custom events and pieces. We are currently creating a custom medicine box for a fall wedding, a set of engraved votives for a birthday gathering, and some wonderful surprises… Welcome to M&H. Blessings…

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